Sunday, August 30, 2009

A List of TODO's

How often in development , do we leave things for future, when we intend to visit back, but alas we forget.

Like I Need to do a NPE checking, Handle the error, Remove SOP, Make it robust etc.

We might write comments for that in the source code, but again if we don't go through the code diligently either we might not find them, or oops! forgot.

Jdev comes with a very good utility called TODO.Have been using this in my current project a lot where requirements are developing/changing by the day.

You can create a TODO , just by typing TODO after // in source file. Later through Task window, you can view all the TODO's in your project/application. TODO's can also be created for entire project or application.

You can view tasks window through View-->Tasks and it would list all the TODO's in your application.

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